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*[http://www.ubalert.com/ UB Disaster alert (Map)]  
*[http://www.ubalert.com/ UB Disaster alert (Map)]  
===Projects in crisis management===
*[http://www.crisiscommunication.fi/tec/about-the-project CATO CBRN crisis management: Architecture, Technologies and Operational Procedures]
*[http://www.crisiscommunication.fi/criscomscore/ CrisComScore Developing a Crisis Communication Scorecard]
*[http://www.focusproject.eu/web/focus/home FOCUS Foresight Security Scenarios: Mapping Research to a Comprehensive Approach to Exogenous EU Roles]
*[http://www.osmosisecurity.eu/ OSMOSIS Overcoming Security Market Obstacles for SMEs Involvement in the technological Supply chain]
*[http://www.crisiscommunication.fi/pep PEP Public Empowerment Policies for Crisis Management]
===Research Networks===
===Research Networks===

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