Crisis communication resources

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Authority expertise centres in crisis management

Disaster Research Centre, University of Delaware [1]

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control [2]

European Comission Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection and European Civil Protection [3]

FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency [4]

International Research Group on Crisis Communication, The University of Illmenau, Germany [5]

National Response Framework, USA [6]

Non-profit institute for communication and cooperation research [7]

The Public Safety Communication Europe Forum (PSCE) [8]

Emergency and crisis management journals

Disasters [9]

Disaster Prevention and Management [10]

International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction [11]

International Journal of Emergency Management [12]

International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters [13]

Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management [14]

Risk Analysis [15]

Journals related to (crisis) communication

Human Technology [16]

Journal of Applied Communication Research [17]

Journal of Public Relations Research [18]

Public Relations Review [19]

Public Relations Quarterly [20]

Networks, tools and blogs

Crisis Communication Scorecard (free tool) [21]

Emergency 2.0 Wiki [22]

European Forum for Urban Security [23]

Global Crisis Management (Network) [24]

Humanity Road [25]

i-Revolution (Blog) [26]

Medisys Newsbrief EU [27]

UB Disaster alert (Map) [28]

Projects in crisis management

CATO CBRN crisis management: Architecture, Technologies and Operational Procedures [29]

CrisComScore Developing a Crisis Communication Scorecard [30]

FOCUS Foresight Security Scenarios: Mapping Research to a Comprehensive Approach to Exogenous EU Roles [31]

OSMOSIS Overcoming Security Market Obstacles for SMEs Involvement in the technological Supply chain [32]

PEP Public Empowerment Policies for Crisis Management [33]

Research Networks

Center for Risk Communication Research, University of Maryland [34]

Crisis Communication, University of Jyväskylä [35]

Dialogik, Stuttgart [36]

Disaster Research Centre, University of Delaware [37]

International Research Group on Crisis Communication, The University of Ilmenau [38]

Risk and Crisis Center, Mid Sweden University [39]