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What it means to be Inclusive

Think of community groups and citizens as a resource. Let them know they are needed, and act accordingly. Invite groups, and join them at their meetings, to inform them about the specific needs and vulnerabilities within your local community or jurisdiction. Arrange social occasions, such as “risk excursions”, where representatives of the municipality, local authorities and community groups go on a local tour to inspect and discuss potential dangers and vulnerabilities. Include community groups in preparedness activities and exercises. Let them know you need them and expect their participation. Avoid giving the impression that all necessary resources are located within the professional structure.

  • Think of community groups and citizens as a resource and act accordingly.
  • Keep in mind that most people are willing to engage as volunteers in the event of a crisis.
  • Recognize heterogeneity within community groups as an asset.
  • Create social spaces for collaboration and initiate joint exercises to be done in common.
  • Think of community groups and citizens’ diverse needs and preferences for communication.

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