Roadmap & Issue

The input of many experts was utilized for a Roadmap on Public Empowerment for Crisis Management and a Special Issue on community resilience.


The status of public empowerment initiatives in the different countries is diverse. Insights and best practices need to be exchanged.


By bringing together current expertise and new research activities a Roadmap is constructed, charting promising areas for future research and implementation.

The cooperation of citizens is needed at all phases of a crisis and the role of communities in crisis response can be enhanced by utilizing human technology for training, instructions and exchange of information.

Public empowerment

The project Public Empowerment Policies for Crisis Management (PEP, 2012–2014) identifies best practices in a community approach to crisis resilience, and gives directions for future research and implementation, including the use of social media and mobile services. The input of experts in the field of crisis management and communication is a key element in pursuing the goals of this project.

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The materials on this web platform have been developed by an international group of researchers. This EU-funded project is coordinated by the University of Jyväskylä and based on extensive ground work by research teams from:

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