Audit tool

An assessment of key success factors reveals strong and weak points in communication and enables the allocation of resources to be prioritized. In the scorecard the tasks of communication are integrated with the activities of crisis management. The tool provides quality guidelines for crisis communication.

The tool and its purposes

The Scorecard consists of three sections Before, During and After a crisis and each section can be filled in separately.

First, the tool can be used to assess crisis preparedness and communication plans, before a crisis breaks. Second, the tool works for evaluating communication performance in crisis exercises or post crisis- to look back on the communication activities and draw conclusions on the lessons learnt.

Overviews and details

The results show the balance in communication with the different stakeholders and also identify where a specific phase requires special attention or improvement.

An audit can be done by a number of people within the same organisation. They fill in a questionnaire and the software helps calculate the results for the organization. The report also shows differences of opinion that can be discussed at a meeting and conclusions drawn. By means of this process, strong and weak points become visible.

Before crisis During crisis After crisis
  • Preparation

  • Crisis preparedness
    of the organisation and communication plans

  • Warning

  • Alerting the stakeholders and starting the response

  • Crisis response

  • Communication with stakeholders supporting emergency management

  • Reconstruction

  • Communication with stakeholders supporting recovery

  • Evaluation

  • Learning and adaptations

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The content of the scorecard is available as download if you would like to view the performance indicators before conducting the audit.